I hope to find a vivacious, lovely and loud lady who will dress sexy and draw the tips, of which they'll get 50% (and a percentage of later paid shows as well!)

You will help me with carrying light items; setting up; drawing a crowd by calling out, dancing, getting attention in general; assisting volunteers by demonstrating basic percussion (currently drum, tamborine and finger cymbals) and, of course, collecting tips!

Period or fantasy costuming (princess, wench, pirate, fairy, etc) may be provided by the model however I must emphasize "less is more"...tips greatly increase with smaller assistant costumes! I have two knight outfits which will require the model provide a black full cover panty/tap pant and sensible (walking) black shoes/boots. A black belt can be provided however you may wish to bring your own.


On some breaks, lulls in the crowd and hopefully on some outside appointments I will be taking photos of my assistant for our promotions and my photographer portfolio. I will burn the COMPLETE RAW SETS to CD/DVD, their own SD cards and/or e-mail edits them. These may be used for promotional and personal purposes by the assistant. I will contract them to get 10% if I sell the photos and negotiate more if the model finds a potential buyer (usually with the understanding we neither may ever use these photos again!)

I will also allow the same perks in additional TF/CD or DVD sessions! I have many other offers for additional work which could culminate in several professional features for the selected woman!

My actual primary goal is to find someone who likes my original music and wants to start a "renaissance rock" act, however not as limited to the style as Rainbow's Night. I have about 200 tunes ranging from historical and classical styles, rock, metal, techno...

The woman will BE the act. I will be an accompanist and, for younger rock audiences, I will wear a full hooded robe and other full coverage costumes. Our "band" at first will be programmed and pre-recorded. WE, she and I, will retain all artistic control and legal rights of this act and hire other musicians as needed.

Let me describe the act as I envision it, knowing full well the vocalist will be the lead and have at least equal input as to the content of the act.

The "renaissance" part will mainly be "faire fare" (Scarborough Faire, Greensleeves, and Danny Boy, to start) however I am not adverse to learning (or relearning) some actual period concert pieces. I have written over 50 pieces in styles ranging from medieval to renaissance court music, tavern tunes, troubadour love songs and other pieces with decidedly Celtic, Gypsy and Arabian flavors.

This act will perform at faires, pubs, public and private events as well as potential artistic and educational venues. It will help finance the second phase.

The "rock" part will incorporate many electric versions of the above, moving more toward original pieces with some public domain and possibly a very few licensed covers. I have over 200 “pieces” available for this project, from basic ideas to complete pieces.

I perceive this as a conglomeration of Rainbow's Night, Jethro Tull (particularly at first), "pop goth" such as Evanesence, Unsun (my "opus magnus" may be my vampire operetta), "technopunk" such as Birthday Massacre, 30 Seconds to Mars and whatever other influences the singer brings to the table.

This will remain a duo using recorded or programmed instruments till we, the vocalist and myself, decide it is time to hire other performers. At no time will we allow control of the act to other performers.

That's everything in a nutshell. I will add I'm soon to be 52 which works fine for the first act and I'll stay in full costume for my time in the second. I envision a time (hopefully still many years away!) I'll retire from full time performing to become a technical and artistic consultant, as I have been most of my life anyway!

Let me know how this sounds to you and feel free to tell me what your input would be!

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Comment by theresa aka Reese on April 29, 2011 at 6:28am
Very interested. I model as well as sing. Oops nevermind I think I'm too late.
Comment by Dave "Danger Dave" McCullough on April 28, 2011 at 10:25pm
XZanthia, I can't send you a text or even send you a private e-mail for whatever reasons. You can reach me here or e-mail me at simply_models@yahoo.com

I'd LOVE to talk to you about doing a fantasy rock show...you'd be PERFECT!!! I'm free all of next week so far so if you can schedule a meeting for us soon just give me a slot in your schedule and tell me where you'd like to meet! If you want to hear some of my songs we'll need a place with power. If its public we can use headphones, otherwise we can plug my laptop into your sound system or I can bring one.

This could be fantastic...Hope to hear from you soooooon!!!
Comment by XZanthia FMN Founder on April 28, 2011 at 3:38pm
i could try! i have always wanted to!!  TEXT ME - 7203397502


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