Dear FMN members -

I want to discuss something that I have observed and please feel free to add your insight.   It has been made known that some of the photographers are looking to have there work published - that is understandable - every photographer wants to pick up a magazine and see their work in it !

In order to have your work published it needs to be POLISHED !  The majority of magazines, unless your just shooting TnA want a spread of 6-10 images that tell a story; these images have to show different outfits, different hair and makeup etc and of course the story must fit the theme that the magazine wants.  

AS an example there is no point in shooting Victorian Style if the current theme for the chosen magazine is "Darkness". It goes nowhere !

When Alex brought Chuck and I to a recent even - I saw nothing but complete disorganization; and we were met with hostility from some of the "models" & photographers.  Most of the photographers were praying and spraying and you can see that - and the ones with the good images where the ones I helped pose and Chuck helped ligh

I understand that there are photographers that dont mind spending the $50 every week or however often FMN has "events" and you dont want to improve, dont want to get published and don't care who you shoot as long as you are shooting  BUT there are photographers in the group that want to improve, that want to learn and want to get published and those are the photographers that I want to work with and help, how are any of you improving if your just shooting the same thing over and over and over again ?

****Wouldn't you rather pay more money to have quality models, quality instruction by a photographer that has been published several times and a coach that can show you great poses as opposed to weekly free for alls ?

In order to have a shot at publication:

1. You need to be selective about the models you work with. I wont even go further than say that there arent very many that are model material, which means the magazines wont publish is the model doesnt meet their criteria - trust me on this one - they want a certain look.

2. You need to learn to pose the model. I saw some dreadful posing - posing makes or breaks an image - it is not the models (these models are not agency models) so it is up to the photographer to give direction.

3. You have to have a theme - shooting anything will not get you published ! Find a magazine that you want to submit to and find out what their themes are most magazines tell you what the themes are for an entire year up front !

I speak from experience on all this.  I have modeled in my early 20's and now I work as a creative director for fashion photographer Chuck Kovach; together we have landed over 3 dozen publication and 3 covers - in various magazines most recently Bridal Editorial work. !  You can see our work 

I am willing to help only those that want to improve their game and actually learn.




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Comment by Francesca G on April 20, 2014 at 9:10am

Thank you Albert ! Photographer Chuck Kovach and I have been published over 3 dozen times including several  covers in various fashion & beauty magazines and a new publication releasing with Dark Beauty Magazine (over 335k followers) - so my information comes from experience and trial and error and I am glad to help anyone that needs it !

Comment by Devils Rebels Magazine on April 19, 2014 at 10:01am

Glad that your post has not been removed.. Love the honesty thank you.. Albert D.S.

Comment by Neva '"The Diva" Durham on March 4, 2014 at 5:14am

KUDOS! Francesca-- Love the way you have worded this. There are photographers in the group just starting out and learning and this info is vital if they want to improve. There are several photographers that are blessed with talent in certain types of photography more than others. They need to work in their strengths to get published. Yes magazines require themes with 3-6 diff looks each. To tell a story. Not just random pics. I have seen some really good pics come out of this group and some really bad ones. I actually have some of my work published that was taken thru this group. So the potential is there, just need the drive to make it better. This obsession with sex pictures drives me crazy! this all the time stick butt out or chest out for pics is awful! Photographers please pose your models, dont just expect them to know what you want. If you want sex pics, do a private shoot please not here at FMN events.


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