There is an individual who goes by the names of JAY HAYNES, JIM HAINES/HINES, FOKUSFOTO, FOTOVISIONS, LATENTIMAGEFOTO, PEEKTURE TAKER (ALSO POSES AS A FEMALE: JAMI OR CAROL) and the email addresses:,,,, I'm sure there are many more!

Models - BEWARE of this individual. He's a serial scammer!


"Photographer" scammer, who police are still trying to catch. For the last 4 years he's been making his way around professional models. He goes by the name of Jim, Jay, Focus Foto and Peekture Taker. He creates profiles on various modeling websites and makes up fake model profiles to use as his “references”, in order to scam models into coming to the DC, Maryland or Virginia area to shoot with him. He offers large sums of money to these models, or things such as paying for their hotel bills/traveling funds.. What he has been known to do is either completely stand these models up or shoot with them for hours, then pack up and leave without a word or payment to the model.. Apparently he has been doing this for years and is still continuing to do so.

  • He asked a model to put her bags in his car, and said that he would take her out for dinner. She did that, then he got in the car and took off with her bags, containing all of her expensive fetish outfits. He then sold the outfits.
  • He assaulted a model physically and stole money from her wallet (she believed when she went to use the bathroom).
  • A model declined a second shoot with him, so he behaved unprofessionally. He searched for her boyfriend's work address. He then emailed her boyfriend at work with nude images of her, stating she was an "adultress"

There are many more models with bad experiences. He just won't stop!

I'm helping to raise awareness of this scam artist, who is threatening the safety of the modeling community. He is difficult to catch, since he uses various fake portfolios, some of which he poses as a woman. He covers his tracks well. It's scary. His description...

"Mid 50′s, maybe a bit haggard looking in the face, dresses ok though, head of grayish hair, skinny, maybe about 5’11, he speaks in a heavy southern drawl. What’s MOST distinguishable about him is his left eye, the lid of which droops"

I've posted images of him at the bottom of this entry. Somehow a model was able to get pictures of him. Well done! For more info, just google the email address he uses: FOKUSFOTO@GMAIL.COM

I almost got involved with this individual. He emailed me privately to my gmail account with images that he claimed were his. When I asked for a link to his website or work, he gave me the link to an online portfolio which, I found out today, is not his. Since our communication was done outside of that website, I continued correspondence that way by private email, and never had the need to email him through that website.

I checked references for the port he gave me and all came up ok. (Obviously the references were being given for the genuine photographer of that account, not him).

He flaked on me. I emailed the portfolio he said was his, with hope of using that "message read/unread" feature that the site has, and the portfolio in question emailed me back stating that I had the wrong person and that his portfolio was being given out to various models by another "photographer".

I was annoyed about him flaking but on learning of the recent incidents I'm very relieved the shoot didn't go ahead. NB: I would suggest to all models that if someone emails you privately, do a follow up by checking the person's portfolio and emailing them there on that portfolio account, to confirm it's them. Also, email the models linked from his portfolio to check he's who he says he is - don't ask for an email address to check references. Photographers can so easily set up a fake email address and give themselves a glowing reference that way. Always check links to models and email them yourself privately.

It's only a matter of time before he's caught. Criminals get caught because they get greedy. When you commit a crime more than once, you get caught. Always. It's only a matter of time. The individual was also seen bragging on a website about getting away with doing this to so many people. Sick guy. Sounds like a sociopath. The police have been trying to catch him for a long time now. Here is a website of interest. Check out more info on this scam artist: [[link]]

If you are a model who has had a bad experience with this individual, you are encouraged to file a report with the FBI.

Please lets try to catch this guy! Please post on facebook, if possible, so everyone can see his face!




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Comment by Brent Michael Yaciw on December 2, 2010 at 4:06pm
While I'm sympathetic to those who have lost money, possessions, or even worse been assaulted here, I have to note that there are some mistakes being made here that should never have been made by the victims - and this applies to photographers, MUAs, etc. as well. For example, never travel on just a promise of money; at the very least, get a 50% deposit to cover your expenses. If traveling with expensive gear/props/outfits, you might want more of a deposit, and make sure your stuff is insured. Check references, including phone numbers and websites, to make sure you're dealing with that person. Never leave valuables like wallets in the room with someone you don't know well. Ditto with putting yourself in a position to be assaulted. And I have no idea why the photographer would need a name of a model's boyfriend and be able to acquire his work info, giving that out simply makes no sense.

In contrast, I have my own website and my e-mail, like any real pro, goes through that website. I am listed on the masthead of the Nudist USA Sun as a photographer, and can provide several references that anyone would be welcome to e-mail or phone concerning my conduct or professionalism. Let me note that in our current market, paid work is much harder to find and pays much less than a few years ago, which means I'm offering more TFCD or exposure opportunity and far fewer paid gigs than in the past, so anyone who offers big money and insists on travel should immediately be suspect.

Use some common sense in your dealings. The biggest issue I've run across is models wanting me to deliver full-res, even Photoshopped images, before signing a model release. Um, not happening. Without that MR I'm working and putting wear and tear on my gear for nothing at all - I've been at this over 20 years, I don't need the practice!

If all parties involved spell out exactly what is being traded for what and act honorably and sensibly, everyone will be ahead, and it will be very difficult for scammers to take advantage of you!
Comment by Kellie Miller on November 24, 2010 at 4:03am
No problem hun. I thought it would be good to make people aware of this apparently very bad person. I hope they read it to. I posted it on all my nertworking sites so hopefully word will spread quickly.
Comment by Devils Rebels Magazine on November 23, 2010 at 10:18pm
Wow it sucks.. Thanks love i hope Model Read This..


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