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I am back up and runnig.

I am back up and running and ready to get back into gear with all my computer work.  I have been down low with a lot of things in my life that have been very negative. Now some of those things are still there and will change soon. But my bike got stolen from work. Now I had a friend and some guys from work give me a new bike and fix it up for me. So I will try to be on everyday if you need to chat or ask any questions.

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Hey guys looking for shoots in the tampa bay area!

Loving my life...i'm currently open for shoots paid and TF shoots...Messege me to work out plans! and please like my model page on facebook!Thank you and I look forward to working with you!

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Just added new photos

what do you think?

More soon

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It is great to be back! Please add me as your friend. :)

It has been a while since I have been on here.

I had not had the time, it is great to be back!

I had to make a new profile because I forgot the log in info for my old one.

Please add me as your friend.

XZanthia just took some new photos of me yesterday, They are up on my page.

I would love your comments. Its been a while since I have modeled.

I will be attending future events.

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FMN Next Events and Classes

October 28, 2012 from 12pm to 9pm FMN SPOKES MODEL Casting Call & Shoot

November 3, 2012 from 3pm to 4pm …


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I just joined and I still have a lot of things outside of this That I had going on. Thanks to all the unfamiliars that may soon become familiar for all the love. hope to meet  and work with you all very soon! :D <3

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Would u like a TATTOO without Shop Prices?

I am a tattoo artist and I am looking to do more work.

i will be adding some of my work here soon.

Please post here or email me if you would like more info. 

Added by Dione Christopher - Body Painter on October 24, 2012 at 3:00pm — 5 Comments

How to enhance your cleavage with makeup!

We all know how much a push-up bra can do to enhance cleavage. But did you know you can give yourself a breast lift with makeup, too? Think of it as the quick and painless way to get bigger (looking) boobs.




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November VIP models

Hey Tampa models! 

Submissions for FMN's VIP models for the month of November are now open! Message me for more info! Everyone that applies has a chance so don't be shy and submit your images for a chance of being one of the focal points of the network for a whole month!! Interested candidates should submit their best image together with a short statement why they d like to be featured (2-3 sentences) and standard model measurements such as age, weight, height, chest, hips &…


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MUA/Hair stylist wanted for this wednesday! Animal Rescue/Charity good exposure! :)

Hello!! I'm doing a photoshoot on Wed the 24th for Pit Stop Bully Rescue and Little Pet project. My co-star will be an all black pitbull that is looking for her new home.

I can do it myself, but if anyone out there wants to build their portfolio for a fun and charitable cause then please let me know asap!!

The shoot is STARTING at 330. So, I will need to be ready by then, Please send me a text (813-417-8972) or fb message if interested, as I am not in the habit of checking this…


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Questions for MUA.

I have 2 questions fellow MUA may be able to help with.. The easiest question first.

1) what affordable barrier spray do you recommend using when doing face paining?

2) i'm helping out at a hunted house any tips on making liquid latex or skin look like it's peeing off? Were doing a gruesome doctor scene and i wanna have some different options on props and things we could use and the skin thing sounds cool =)

Any advice will be appreciated.

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Want a chance to be in INKED Magazine?!

Attention models: 

My friend Jessa Trobaugh, hair and make-up artist, decided she d like to submit some work to Inked Magazine and has asked me to be the photographer. But now we need a model!! 

Many will want to be the one but only one will make the cut... will that be YOU? 

Only requirements are being at least 25 years of age and having very cool…


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Burlesque Pin Up photo shoot a while back...

I know it's been a while and I jeep checking back... Photo page and event photo page... I know their were photographers taking pictures...  I know I have a few up... But where of where are the rest?????  Their is maybe only one up of my friend that went with me and a few of mine up... But shouldn't you guys be giving the models their photos when they contact you?

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o Paul Mitchell the school is having a competition between day school and night school students. Only the first 30 who sell 45 bags can go if you are interested in more details message me.

Oh and just a side note if you would like a manicure, pedicure, facial waxing, a cut, a color, braiding or extensions done please call 813 972 9838 ext 221 and request me Jessica Trobaugh. Student number 2083

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okay guys, first entry and first chance ive had to sit down and do some stuff on here (though im still doing a million things a minute) sorry for not responding to anyone or anything, still a newbie and still trying to figure it all out. hope i get the chance to focus and really work on my page sometime soon, and explore the site a bit more. also hope this post is even in the appropriate place. . .  but i tried somewhere else and it was far too long so this is where it goes.

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I had such a great time sat! thank u fmn to giving such an awesome opportunity!!! I am def planning on seek g all of you as much as possible. everyone was such a easier to meet and hang out with. I'm ready to try new things and find new ways of expression so this is perfect! hope everyone has a good week!

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Please add a main photo to your page!

If you are a member without a main avatar(A.K.A. photo) please put one up, so we can see who you are and that you are currently active on FMN! I have come across many profiles with pictures on their profiles, but no main photo!!! We would appreciate the courtesy to put one up! It also draws others to your page by seeing your main photo and it helps us with eliminating whose active and whose not, so we can make room for new members! Thanks for your time and have a wonderful day!!!!

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Zombie PinUp PHOTOS!!!! - By XZanthia

This is my Photographer Profile

Please add me as a fried. :)

you ca see may of my photos here!   Uzumaki Photography

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Body Paint Artist @ the FMN Events

I will be doing Body Paint at most of the events  Please check out my work and and feel free to leave me a comment. Add me as a friend as well if you like. 

Added by Dione Christopher - Body Painter on October 5, 2012 at 3:55pm — No Comments


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